• Energy costs

    Energy price in Melbourne have more than doubled since 2007.

    Pricing certainty

    Would you like to lock-in your energy costs?

    Greater efficiency

    Cost is a factor of price and usage. How can we help you in reducing your environmental footprint?

  • The Neater process

    We believe in partnerships



    We work with you to understand your energy needs, existing usage and constraints.



    We carry out deep analysis on your data and help you to fully understand the options available to you.



    We will assist you in implementing the agreed changes to achieve your desired outcome.


    Free to focus

    We will continue to partner with you and take care of your on-going energy needs so you can focus on your core business.

  • We can help you with

    Energy certainty

    • Solar generation
    • Bill and tariff review and negotiation
    • Bill validation

    Energy efficiency

    • Lighting
    • Monitoring
    • Power factor correction
    • Voltage optimisation
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